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 Omens Of Witches Brews

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Omens of Witches Brews

Author(s) Unknown

If a Witch's brew continues to boil after it has been removed from the fire,
it is said to be a sign that the Witch will live to be a ripe old age!
This omen originated in Europe in the Middle Ages.

A quarrel with a friend or family member is portended if a Witch's brew should accidentally be spilled on the carpet.
However, it is said to be a sign of good luck to accidentally spill some upon yourself.

It is bad luck to brew philtres for love when the moon is in a waning phase or during the time known as the dark of the moon.
The ideal time is during a waxing moon, especially on Valentine's day.

If two Witches stir the same brew, they will be stirring up strife,
according to an old superstitious belief from England.
If they both drink it from the same cup,
it will bring them bad luck unless they are married or handfasted to each other.
It is said to be extremely unlucky for any Witch to heat his or her own brews and potions
in a teakettle or cauldron belonging to another.

If a lady and a gentleman pour out a cup of brew from the same pot, this is an omen that a child will be born to them.
If two women pour, one of them will give birth to a red-haired set of twins within the year.

It is an invitation to poverty and misfortune should you throw away herbs that are leftover from potions and brews.
For good fortune to smile upon you, always dispose of used herbs by casting them into a fire.

A stranger will soon be arriving on your doorstep if you accidentally leave the lid of the teakettle or cauldron off
while preparing a magickal brew.
This superstitious belief hails from Victorian-era England.

It is said to be unlucky to stir a Witch's brew in widdershins.
To do so creates bad vibrations and attracts negative influences.
Always stir deosil.

If your left eye itches while you are brewing a potion, this is an omen that sorrow shall soon find it's way into your life.
An itching of your right eye indicates precisely the opposite.
How and where these originated is a mystery.
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Omens Of Witches Brews
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