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 When A Ring's Around The Moon

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PostSubject: When A Ring's Around The Moon   13/12/2008, 20:41

When a Ring's Around the Moon

The wee folk will be tripping,
In their silver dancing shoon,
When the ring's around the moon.

Curtsy to the right and left,
And curtsy to the middle---
The fiddler will be fiddling
On his tiny fairy fiddle;

In and out and round about,
A magick circle making:
The pipers will be piping
'Til their tiny throats are aching.

Oh, few may watch the wee ones dance,
For fairy guards are spying,
And down beneath the grasses
All the dancers will be hieing;

But harken well, what time you see
A ring around the moon;
For you will hear the music
Of the wee folks' dancing tune.

~ Mary Jane Carr ~
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When A Ring's Around The Moon
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